July 21, 2024

Tropical storm Alex caused damage in Cuba and Florida (USA)

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Tropical storm Alex caused damage in Cuba and Florida (USA)
Tropical storm Alex caused damage in Cuba and Florida (USA)

The tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean was named Alex on Sunday (5). The first storm of the 2022 hurricane season is in this sea area. According to data from Colorado State University, the average number of hurricanes or hurricanes averages June 15, according to data from 2000 to 2021.

Today Monday morning (6), Alex is working in the area of ​​the island of Bermuda with strong winds and heavy rain.

Tropical Storm Alex Winds will reach a maximum of 120 kmph on Sunday (06) After the last edition of Alex in 2016 there was a strong storm in the Atlantic Ocean with the letter ‘A’. Hurricane Alex recorded a maximum windfall of 136.8 km / h (or 85 mph) in 2016, according to data from Colorado State University.

Photo: Climatembo

Satellite image of Alex tropical storm on the island of Bermuda.

Photo: Climatembo

The level at which it traveled and the displacement tropical storm Alex will travel over the next few days.

Alex caused heavy rain and death in Cuba and floods in Florida during his training.

During its formation, it caused heavy damage such as heavy rains and landslides and floods in Cuba and southern and southeastern Florida. 100mm For example, in southeastern Florida, the station near Hollywood Water Treatment in Florida was over 200mm, accumulating 377mm as Alex passed.. Were in Cuba 115.6 mm Saturday (4) 8:00 am to Sunday (5) 8:00 am local time In Topes de Collantes, it is in Sancti Spiriritus.

The rain also fell heavily In Cuba, causing two deaths in the capital Havana, dAnd contract with related journals.

Now a tropical storm named Alex is blowing over the island of Bermuda, causing strong winds and heavy rain.

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It has been raining for 7 days till Monday (06).

The reason for its growth and why it took so long for the graduate

Alex took the time to turn into a storm because of the dry winds in the Atlantic region and the strong winds blowing at high altitudes.

Even the development of this storm, which lacked the strength to turn into a hurricane, caused great damage. As the sea was much warmer and higher than average, this condition helped to increase the level of humidity in the atmosphere, and as a result, the areas where it reached the system received higher rainfall.

In general, tropical cyclones are classified The storm formed due to a wind speed of 93 km to 112 km per hour In Central American Kyrgyzstan, which caused Hurricane Agatha (which was the strongest for a month from May 1979), in addition to the impact of the warmer ocean surface, at 28 to 30 degrees Celsius, the influence of Oscillation Madden Julian, he is strong and in the 8th phase, and indirectly By the eastern waves.

In addition, Sahara dust is approaching the region, and this may partially prevent hurricanes in the Caribbean due to wind speeds (variation of winds at different levels of the atmosphere) and increased air intake. Sahara dust could also reach South America significantly from June 11th.

Photo: Climatembo

The Sahara source dust forecast is coming to South America next week. Source: NASA.

Tropical storm Alex is expected to cause heavy rainfall and damage on the island of Bermuda.

Alex will move northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean, with more tropical storms, more active The island of Bermuda received more than 100 millimeters of rain, strong winds and more than 5 meters of sea waves until next Tuesday (07).. Ocean waves will be over 2.5 meters high on the southeastern coast of the United States until Monday.

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