February 27, 2024
'Tune' debuted at No. 1 with $ 40 million

‘Tune’ debuted at No. 1 with $ 40 million

Another introductory animation of the week “Ron Bugado” failed and was only in fifth place

“Danube”, Adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction, screened $ 40.1 million At the North American box office. It’s a compelling start, the current epidemic and the film’s unusual theatrical debut. In addition to playing in 4,125 American theaters, “Tune” (like all Warner Bros. movies in 2021) debuted simultaneously on HBO Max, which may have played a role in overall ticket sales.

At one milestone in the studio, “Tune” reached Warner Bros.’s highest three-day count. Since the company launched its daily strategy on HBO Max. “Against Godzilla. Kong, who set an epidemic record of $ 31 million in April, has already reached that threshold. Delivered on time could not meet box office expectations.HBO Max.

Globally, the goal of “tuna” has been surpassed $ 200 million After previously opening in many markets around the world. A new market opened in China, where the film, distributed by Legendary and its partner Wanda, grossed $ 21.6 million (a new increase in govt cases imposes sanctions on 8 or 9 provinces, including parts of Beijing).

“I’m smiling,” Jeff Goldstein, head of Warner Bros.’s local distribution, said Sunday morning. “The exhibitors are delighted. The best part is that the fans love what they see. They love the big screen experience. It was a successful weekend for film enthusiasts.

Another novelty in theaters this weekend is Disney’s animated adventure “Ron Bugado” It failed $ 7.3 million In 3,560 theaters in North America. The family film, which focuses on Barney, the worst student in society, and his troubled robot friend (Zack Califianakis), was well-received by audiences, which could help the film’s revenue over time. Although only screened in theaters, “Halloween Kills”, “007 – Time to Die” and the comic book adaptation “Venom: Behind the rest of the tempo’s titles,” Ron Bugado “peaked at number five at the North American box office. Carnage”.

In the distant second, Universal’s horror sequel, “Halloween Kill – O Terror Continuo”, Collected $ 14 million In its second weekend in theaters, it fell 71% since its debut. The film earned $ 73 million So far in North America, the $ 20 million budget horror film has won. The studio has already announced that owner star Jamie Lee Curtis will return to the next feature titled “Halloween Ends” which is scheduled to release on October 14, 2022.

“007 – No time to die”, From MGM, was in third place at the highest level $ 11.8 million, Raising its U.S. total to $ 120 million. Sequence “Poison” It earned $ 9.1 million between Friday and Sunday, ranking Sony fourth. Four weeks later, the anti-hero adventure starring Tom Hardy has accumulated so far $ 181 million In the United States.