June 26, 2022
Verstappen is fast in qualifying and starts at the pole in US-Sports

Verstappen is fast in qualifying and starts at the pole in US-Sports

Max Verstappen holds a polar position in the US GB, where he is unsuccessful, looking for unprecedented success

A day after Lewis Hamilton flipped his middle finger on the Austin circuit in Texas, Max Verstappen will take the pole position at the US Grand Prix and start with his English rival.

The Red Bull Dutchman has never won a race in Texas and will try this Sunday. The start of the race promises to be with the leaders of the season in the front row. Sergio Perez, from Red Bull, completes the stage.

Verstappen dominated the qualifying, but lost the lost pole as the rain started in the final seconds of time. Still, he managed to beat Hamilton and try to highlight his eight points in the lead (262.5 to Hamilton’s 256.5).

“It was exciting to take the time. I’m not performing well in Q2, I’m sure it started to slip on the last lap, but it’s enough for the pole. First and third places are important to the team,” Verstopen said, as he clocked 1min32s910.

“People like this (visualize with Hamilton) I expect a good start. It’s important that we work together,” the Dutchman continued after taking the ninth pole position of the season. In the industry, there are 12.

Q1 Daniel Ricciardo surprised him with the 1min34s407 nail. No one could have imagined the McLaren high lap, which had not been seen in weekend practice until then. But soon Verstappen reassembled to take the time, first Sergio Perez. McLarens followed Ricciardo and Lando Norris.

Many drivers suffered at the 19th turn, not overtaking the lane limit at that point and not folding fast. Carlos Science appeared in fifth place, followed by Potas and Hamilton. In three minutes, Mercedes was back on track to try to improve its performance with the new soft tires. He didn’t improve the score, even seeing Charles LeClerk cross at first.

After failing in Q1, Mercedes got off to a good start in the second half of training, with Hamilton in second and Potas in fifth. Previously, Verstappen responded to the match with 1min33s464.

Vettel and Ricciardo missed the 19th lap with a fast lap by zebra invasions. They were out of grid definition, but they had another chance to avoid embarrassment. The Mexican, very carefully, managed it. Ricciardo tried, and despite the bad weather he finished ninth.

The end of the phase saw Mercedes make a fast turn at first, surpassing Potas Hamilton’s mark. Six competitors could not exceed the score. But Red Bull showed that it was surplus in the United States.

With a huge vibe as he scored a goal, Sergio Perez did not let Verstappen or Mercedes celebrate a time above, and soon topped with 1min33s180. Everyone will be on the final lap to set up the grid, knowing that he would lose five levels by fitting in with the Potassium engine.

Hamilton took the lead and hoped the rain would slow Red Bull cars. Verstappen was able to beat him, but Perez only finished third. The English who want to return to the forefront must outdo themselves. Verstappen begins to gain discontent in the United States and talks about expanding his advantage.

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