February 28, 2024
US and French presidents discuss European security

US and French presidents discuss European security

US (US) Presidents Joe Biden and French Emmanuel Macron discussed security cooperation in Africa, Europe and the Indo-Pacific this Friday (21) as the two countries improve relations after differences. US Security Agreement with the United Kingdom and Australia.

The White House says Biden and Macron plan to continue talks when they meet in Rome this month for a summit of the leaders of the Group of 20 Great Economies.

The White House has said it will meet with US Vice President Kamala Harris Macron during a visit to Paris in November, citing efforts to mend ties between the US and France after Australia rescinded a French submarine deal in support of the deal with Washington and London. Last month.

The visits took place during US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen’s visit to Paris earlier this month, where he said he had “very positive and very fruitful” conversations with French leaders.

U.S. Trade Representative Catherine Toy met with her French envoy Frank Ryster on Friday, with a group of seven trade ministers, stressing the United States’ commitment to “strengthening bilateral relations with France.”

In contact with Macron, Bihen explored the two countries’ efforts to support stability and security in the Sahel region, to enhance cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, and to implement stronger European security.