July 14, 2024

US imposes sanctions on Iranian oil companies

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US imposes sanctions on Iranian oil companies
US imposes sanctions on Iranian oil companies

The move comes amid talks between the US and Iran to resume talks on the nuclear deal.

Treasury Department America Based on two ships and 5 companies this Wednesday (6.July.2022). desireVietnam and Singapore to sell Iranian oil.

The move comes after the companies used a network of shell companies to facilitate the distribution and sale of oil and petrochemical products from Iranian companies to eastern Iran. Asia.

In the past week, talks between Tehran and Washington Done Without progress on how to save nuclear deal Iranian 2015.

“While the United States remains committed to reaching an agreement with Iran in return for compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, we will continue to use all of our authority to impose sanctions on the sale of Iranian oil and petrochemicals.”Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson said.

Among those named in the action was Iran-based JBC, which Washington accused of exporting petrochemicals to companies across East Asia, many of which were sold to a petrochemical commercial company authorized by the United States for export to the United States. China.

Edgar Commercial Solutions FZE was also targeted in the operation, buying and exporting petrochemicals from Iranian companies sanctioned by the Treasury. The Washington firm used a shell company, Lustro Industries Ltd Hong KongTo hide its role in bulk procurement of petrochemicals.

Washington said Ali Almudawa Petroleum and Petrochemical Trading LLC is the front company of Trillions Petrochemical Co. Ltd., is one of the many based companies United Arab States Targeted in action.

The question was raised by the company ReutersThe companies did not want to comment on the matter. The measure freezes US sanctioned assets and prevents Americans from trading with them.

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