February 28, 2024
What are Staple Coins, the cryptocurrencies that America wants to control?

What are Staple Coins, the cryptocurrencies that America wants to control?

The United States may regulate certain cryptocurrencies with the aim of providing greater security for the cryptoactive market. According to the agency affiliated with CVM, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States, this regulation should be included in so-called staple coins as a priority.

These cryptocurrencies combine their value with fiat currencies such as the dollar, euro and real. Asked the experts UOL They explain what constable coins are, how they operate in the cryptoactive market and how regulation affects investors. Read below.

What are they Fixed coins?

Staple coins are used to facilitate operations in the digital environment, without the need to use fiat coins. So, instead of using real or dollars, anyone who buys anything in the digital world can seek out this cryptocurrency.

A standard currency It is worth the same as the currency that acts in support. The US government wants to control this equality, so the market Fixed coins.

For investors, these currencies are used to trade other cryptocurrencies that have not retreated ethereum (ETH) e Bitcoin (PTC), Without having to constantly convert to Fiat currencies (dollars and rials, for example) to buy these assets – this will make operations more expensive and complicated.

Stablecoins help protect the wallet

In addition, the Fixed coins They help protect the investor from market fluctuations. To avoid leaving money in currencies like lots of fluctuations or depreciation, you can sell them in exchange Fixed coins Waiting for the instability to pass before buying them again. In practice, this is like buying any other currency to protect your wallet like the dollar.

“It works almost like a digital dollar,” says analyst Rodrigo Borges Crypto Gives OmResearch.

“Sometimes it is difficult to send dollars to a transfer account [espécie de corretora de criptomoedas]. So, many projects were developed Fixed coins The investor can send this digital dollar with supported value Exchanges Wherever you want to operate, ”says the expert.

The idea behind it Fixed coinsTherefore, it is convenient to buy others Cryptoactive.

Is in Brazil FastIt looks like the real thing, but the US dollar is the world’s main reference currency, and it accounts for 98% of the market Fixed coins, Step Foxbit is one of the leading cryptocurrency brokers in the country.

Important Fixed coins Are on the market today Theater (USDT), US dollar Coin (USDC) Is in Accounting US dollar (BUSD)

What a risk Fixed currency?

Jono Kanhada, CEO Foxbit, Strengthens that Fixed coins Not such common cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Because they do not suffer from large fluctuations in the crypto market, they follow Fiat currencies.

“Take one Fixed currency US dollars in portfolio, etc. USDCFor example, trusting your provider means that if everything goes well, he can guarantee the property. It’s like having dollars in your wallet. “

Therefore, risk is related to the ability of the holder to have sufficient reserves in the Fiat currency.

Borges, from OmResearch, Says US dollar CoinFor example, it is 100% of its value Cryptoactive In US dollars, but Theater, Which is the largest in the world, holds only a fraction of the dollars, the other in U.S. Treasury and corporate bonds.

“And there is a challenge against that Theater As for the value of these bonds, if they are really paired with the dollar, “says Borges.

Will regulation help investors?

According to Kanhada, The Fixed coins They have been on a large scale since 2016 and the lack of government regulations has, so far, not hindered the progress of this type of investment.

“The difference is that these currencies are considered safe for investors if they operate in a country with minimal and transparent rules,” he says.

According to the manager, with the maturity of the market, ballast tends to be a different trend.

“The market is going to choose the currency that can provide the best information about its assets and bring transparency to its operations,” he says.

To Jono Home, Merchant And as a professional investor, controlling investor money reduces the risk of turning to dust overnight.

Without restraint, he believes the investor needs “trust” from the provider Fixed currency Ensuring the necessary position to stabilize cryptocurrency.

“Regulation will provide a greater level of security Fixed coins With more confidence, ”Home says.

He also says that any regulation can create a favorable buying environment, with many new investors entering the market due to increased stability.

But Canada, from Foxbit, Says that even with a regulation, there will be risks and doubts related to stabilization. The main problem Fixed coinsAccording to the administrator, it was not a lack of discipline, but a lack of details about their guarantees.

“Suspicions about ballast usually affect this quote. I do not believe it will change completely due to some government paralysis,” he says.