June 14, 2024

Zé Neto and Cristiano return to stage with show in US: ‘Tremedera is not enough’ | Sao Jose do Rio Prieto and Arasatuba

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Zé Neto and Cristiano return to stage with show in US: 'Tremedera is not enough' |  Sao Jose do Rio Prieto and Arasatuba

With no performances for more than a year and a half, Zé Neto and Cristiano came on stage to perform in Miami this Saturday (4) in the United States.

On social media, the two released a series of videos to talk about the feeling of being able to sing back to a crowd. Watch the video above.

Heavenly people, speak to you, what a worry, my God in heaven. The tremor is minimal. I don’t even know what the show is like anymore, ”said Zé Neto.

According to Cristiano, the pair performed last February 25, 2020.

“Guys, look at the emotion, line up for the show, Miami Police Deputy. Look where Ibigus went. Man, what a thrill, I’ve been watching it for a while. Exciting,” Cristiano said.

Zé Neto and Cristiano look forward to the show in Miami – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

In addition to Zé Neto and Cristiano, the festival in Miami will also feature performances by Mayara and Marisa and George and Matthias this Saturday (4).

Many Brazilian artists are going To the United States or Europe In recent weeks, the market in Brazil has continued to tighten.

Gustavo Lima, Marlia Montonia and Sedano Veloso are one of more than 30 singers who have broken their fast from epidemics abroad.

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