April 13, 2024

Naomi Osaka’s sister gives an insight into the tennis star’s mental health before deciding to leave the French Open

Naomi Osaka’s sister opens up about tennis star’s decision to avoid the media French Open The decision to withdraw from the tournament was made on Sunday.

Marie Osaka wrote a long record in Reddit that her sister was upset after losing in the first round of the Italian Open in Rome and that the notion that she was the worst in the clay courts was coming to her. Mary Osaka explained that the strategy she took to deal with her sister’s criticism was to block everything and get everyone out.

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“Naomi told me that a family member came up to her and told her that she was bad at the clay. At every press conference she told me that she had a bad record at the clay. When she appeared on R1 in Rome she was not mentally fit.” His hopes were completely shattered and everyone’s opinions and opinions came to his head. I think she believed she was the worst in the clay, “Marie Osaka wrote.” This is not true, she knows she needs a shot at beating Roland Karros, and she has to believe she can. The first step any athlete needs to do is believe in themselves.

“So her solution was to block everything. She’s not talking to people who are going to have doubts in her mind. She’s protecting the mind, so why is it called mental illness.

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Marie Osaka supported her sister, but she had no idea what the future held.

“There’s an argument that she can avoid when others can’t. What do they do if they want to, and they set the precedent if they want to in the future? I’m sadly broken into the room after the conference when I lost my one wta fit where I should be doing a magazine, and then she’s making headlines after me, crying.” He added. “It was embarrassing, it was forced on the players. Some can take it and some can fight with it.”

He deleted the Reddit post after receiving reviews from users.

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Naomi Osaka announced her decision to withdraw from the French Open on Monday, citing mental health reasons.